About us

About us

We are an interdenominational group of people that, besides their involvement in their own local church, want to be active in the citywide church of The Hague. We want to see beyond church walls and make an investment in a house of prayer for the city. We long for God’s colourfulness to be visible in The Hague. We long to see the different nations and denominations to stand together.


Our dream is to have a physical location, that people come to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Primarily to worship God. And secondly to meet each other. In an environment like a lunch room.  We see business people come to the house of prayer before they go to work because they are hungry for more of God’s presence in their business. We see church leaders get together to look for God’s vision for their churches. Non believers come to post a prayer request, but also to find someone who is willing to listen to them, to find rest. We see young people being given a chance to use their gifts and talents. We see creative people worship God with different expressions; from worship with flags to painting, from new songs to a graffiti wall. Various musical styles take turns. To put it shortly: all senses are being drawn on. Starting from this location all kinds of activities emerge: spreading the gospel, fighting for justice, helping people in need etc. A healthy driving force of prayer and worship under our city. A breeding ground for getting together, faith, new ideas, hope, unity, creativity and love.

Do you dare to dream with us?

Is your heart stirring up when you hear this: worshipping God 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Praying for our city continuously. To bring The Hague, as an international city, under the authority of the King of Peace and Justice. Everyone acknowledges that there is ONE body of Christ in The Hague.

Do you dare to dream with us? For the time being a lot o these desires and ideas have not yet started. That takes time and support. We need one another! We are curious to see what this will develop into. Are you willing to engage in this adventure?